Third Metabolomics Study – recruitment and funding phase

Metabolomics Research at SISOH



Personalized treatment plans will require addressing the core metabolic abnormalities found in most ME/CFS patients plus the individual metabolic issues found of each patient.


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Recovery Potentially Possible: Naviaux Talks on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)





Science in Service of Humanity (SISOH) is currently in the organizing and fundraising phase for AIMS. Funding will be through the Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC), a non-profit funding research in chronic illness. The study is organized in consultation with the Naviaux Lab at UC San Diego. AIMS will be our third metabolomics study looking at how comprehensive metabolomics analysis can be used to evaluate chronic and inflammatory disease, such as CFS/ME, chronic and post-Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, and mast cell disorders. AIMS builds on our previous studies, also conducted in collaboration with Robert Naviaux at UC San Diego, which demonstrated there is a clear metabolomic profile in patients with CFS/ME. We expect testing for AIMS will begin in late 2017.

Members of the chronic and inflammatory illness community and their advocates can contribute to the success of the study in a number of ways:
Participate in the Study

We need people with chronic and inflammatory illness of all ages and from all locations to be part of the study. You can participate in the study by volunteering a blood sample. Currently we are including people in the continental United States, but are looking for ways to have blood shipped from overseas so that people there can participate.


You can recruit a person without a diagnosis of illness to donate a blood sample that will serve as a comparison sample. We need people who are age and sex matched to serve as controls for all groups of patients. Ask your friends and family if they are willing to serve as a control. They can sign up under the Participate tab to be contacted as a control participant, or call the office at (707) 387-3030.

Funding Help Is Needed

For years, Dr. Eric Gordon of Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) has contributed his time, money, and resources to research on chronic illness, along with a few generous donors who were interested in his work. While he continues to generously support the research, the establishment of the Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC) creates a vehicle for the research to be supported by tax-deductible donations. AIMS is funded through GMRC. Funding will determine how many tests we are able to run through the study. We are looking for support for the investigation from those people most interested in its success. There are many ways to help ensure that AIMS is successful.

Currently we are contacting major donors to help support the work. Large corporate investments can be individually designed to meet shareholder’s requirements. If you know of an individual or an organization that would like to make a large donation to SISOH’s research, please contact Carla Rae at (707) 387-3030 or

How You Can Help
  • You can donate any amount to support the study and metabolomics research. Choose the option on the GMRC Donations page of “General Research” to support general metabolomics research, or you can choose the “AIMS Study” if you wish your donation to specifically benefit this study only. Donations can be made in honor of someone else if desired, and there are options for matching funds from employers, or to automatically donate monthly.

    • All donations of any amount are welcome. Donations to this third metabolomic study will go to sample collection, metabolomic data generation, and development of illness-specific analysis software.

  • If you know of an individual or an organization that might like to make a large donation to SISOH’s research, please ask them to contact Carla Rae at (707) 387-3030 or to find out more information. Large corporate investments can be individually designed to meet shareholder requirements.

*Gordon Medical Research Center is a tax exempt organization, and donations may be tax deductible depending on your specific tax situation. Consult with a tax specialist or lawyer to be sure what is correct in your case.

Crowdfunding Options

You can also use the crowdfunding websites Razoo and GoFundMe to set up your own campaign to help support our research through donations to GMRC. If you prefer another crowdfunding site, we are happy to help set up GMRC there. Funds raised through a campaign at these sites that is registered to GMRC will be sent directly to GMRC. Remember that almost all crowdfunding sites have fees deducted from the funds you raise. If you want to be able to make a tax-deductible donation with no fees, then use the GMRC Donations page to donate directly. The advantage of crowdfunding sites is that they are well set up for you to easily promote your fundraiser.

  1. With Razoo, choose the option to Fundraise for Charity. Enter the amount you want to raise, and choose Gordon Medical Research Center as the charity you wish to support. Razoo will then walk you through the steps to set up your campaign, including emails, Facebook and other options.

  2. With GoFundMe, you first need to create an account. Then you choose the option of Raise Money For Charity. Search for the Gordon Medical Research Center, and choose it as the charity you wish to support. GoFundMe will walk you through the steps to get started.

We will be providing more detailed information on how to do crowdfunding soon.

Finally, Spread the Word!

You can spread the word about the study to the chronic illness community. Post about it, talk about, let people know how important this research is, to you and to all the people suffering from chronic and inflammatory illness.

Thank you for your time and your support of this study, SISOH, and GMRC! We look forwarded to working with the patient community and their supporters to make this unique research study a success.