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“The idea that a psychosocial model of treatment is more appropriate in CFS than in any other disease is incorrect.   All chronic diseases do better with a psychosocial component to their treatment.   Illness will exacerbate all of our underlying neurotic tendencies.   This is the human response to illness.”

Eric Gordon, MD
“Metabolomic Deficiencies Characteristic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

Metabolic features of chronic fatigue syndrome – published

This groundbreaking study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  (PNAS) in August of 2016. The first metabolomics study at SISOH – looking at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in 45 patients and 39 control subjects. The study holds out the possibility of a clinical marker that could be used to diagnose CFS/ME, as well as to guide the response to treatment. With no current test available for this illness, the research from our study has the potential to change the landscape of medicine for these patients.

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Our studies show that metabolomics can be used as a new lens to reveal unexpected biology that was invisible before.

Robert Naviaux –
Novemeber 15, 2016

Analyzing Individual Metabolomics Study (AIMS) – recruiting and funnding phase – temporarily on hold

Science in Service of Humanity (SISOH) is currently in the organizing and fundraising phase for AIMS. Funding will be through the Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC), a non-profit funding research in chronic illness. The study is organized in consultation with the Naviaux Lab at UC San Diego. AIMS will be our third metabolomics study looking at how comprehensive metabolomics analysis can be used to evaluate chronic and inflammatory disease. AIMS builds on our previous studies, also conducted in collaboration with Robert Naviaux at UC San Diego, which demonstrated there is a clear metabolomic profile in patients with CFS/ME. We are not currently accepting new names for the waiting waiting list to participate. If you have already signed up, you will be contacted when we are ready to include patients in the study.

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